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Canada Post potential shutdown
Due to a labour dispute, Canada Post service may be suspended as early as July 2. We will make sure all orders placed before June 27, 12:00 EDT are shipped the same day and therefore delivered (Canada) or transfered to the foreing (US and International) mail agency in time.

We will keep accepting orders at all times during the disruption and will ship them as soon as the conflict is solved, on a first in first out basis. (So order now to have your order out first!). As always, if you change your mind, you will have to option to get a refund for your unshipped orders.

Thank you for your support and collaboration!


A good match: Raphnet-tech USB controller adapters and RetroPie
The RetroPie project is a great alternative to using a full PC for your retro-gaming and emulation needs. The low cost, low power consumption and small form factor of the Raspberry Pi make it a perfect fit for the living room, just as your beloved consoles.


NES/SNES/N64/Gamecube to Wiimote adapter
This new adapter supports four generations of Nintendo controllers for the most authentic virtual console or emulator experience. Save 50% by buying this one adapter instead of four!


Pre-release version of our 3rd generation N64/Gamecube to USB adapter now back in stock
We built a new batch! Those who missed the first batch now have a second chance to become an early adopter of this new version and benefit of huge improvements over the previous iterations, on the feature front as well as the performance front. See product page for details.


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