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Dual N64 controller to USB adapter
Two-player adapters for N64 controllers are now available, and they are as good as their single-player counterparts.

Note: We also have dual-gamecube adapters coming soon!


Official release: 3rd generation N64/Gamecube to USB adapter
After many months, version 3 of our N64/Gamecube to USB adapter is finally available in its final form. Version 3 has a lot to offer, including an upgradeable firmware, N64 memory pack support and ultra low latency. Available in black and violet.


Back in stock: Gamecube controller to N64 adapter
Our popular Gamecube controller to N64 is now back in stock!


New: Vectrex controller to USB adapter
This adapter lets you use an original Vectrex controller to play games on your computer. Perfect for emulators!


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