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-Wii U
iconRaphnet adapter management tool
Graphical user interface and command-line tools to manage raphnet adapters.

Product Description:
Graphical user interface and command-line tools to manage raphnet adapters.

  • Firmware update[1]
  • Firmware version display
  • Supports multiple adapters connected simultaneously (shows a list to choose from)
  • Adapter configuration
    (actual features available depends on model)
    • Controller poll interval
    • GC full range sliders
    • GC Inverted triggers
    • GC Sliders as buttons
    • DPad as buttons
  • Connected controller type display.[2]
  • Built-in vibration/rumble test. (N64/GC only)
  • For Windows and Linux

N64 to USB adapter-specific features:
  • Controller pak ("mempak") read/write.
  • Built-in controller pak editor
  • Supports .N64 and .MPK controller pak image files.
  • Transfer Pak support:
    • Read/write cartridge save ram (backup your saves!)
    • Cartridge information display
    • Cartridge dumping
Gamecube to N64 adapter features[3]:
  • Firmware version display and update
  • Configuration display (currently read-only)
  • Coming soon: Button mapping editor, configuration editor

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Download(s) & Link(s):
2.0.0October 3, 2017 New features and infrastructure updates to support all raphnet adapters (instead of N64/GC to USB only):
  • Renamed project to raphnet-tech adapter manager
  • Add support for a PC-Engine to USB adapter currently in development
  • Add basic support (name and version) for legacy raphnet adapters (not-updateable, not-configurable)
  • Transfer pak: Add support for MBC2 gameboy cartridges.
  • More robust controller pak IO (Add CRC checks and retries)
  • Support for Gamcube sliders as buttons configuration option (for adapters with firmware 3.4.1 and newer)
  • Add a command to detect a N64 controller pak
  • N64 rumble pak control from the command-line
  • Add scripts/Makefile to cross-compile the Windows version from an MXE environment.
raphnet-tech_adapter_manager-install-2.0.0.exe (5.7 MB)
raphnet-tech_adapter_manager-2.0.0.tar.gz (1.3 MB)
1.6.0April 6, 2017 Add support for the N64 Transfer Pak:
  • Read ROM from ROM-Only, MBC1, MBC3 and MBC5 cartridges.
  • Read/Write save RAM for MBC1, MBC3 and MBC5 cartridges.
gcn64ctl-install-1.6.0.exe (7.1 MB)
gcn64tools-1.6.0.tar.gz (345.6 KB)

IMPORTANT: This is not a complete list. If your controller or game does not appear here, it simply means that we did not get the chance (or the idea) to test it, or that no one let us know that it works.

Help us improve this page by sending test results by email to support@raphnet-tech.com

[1] Firmware update is only supported on adapters with advXarch technology. (currently N64/Gamecube USB adapters only)
[2] Requires an adapter with advXarch technology and depends on the type of controller (ie: Some controllers are not detectable)
[3] To manage a Gamecube controller to N64 adapter, a raphnet-tech N64 to USB adapter is required.
This project is open-source and developed on GitHub: raphnet/gcn64tools. Suggestions, patches, pull-request and issues are welcome.

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