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Pre-programmed Atmel AVR Atmega8a/Atmega168a microcontrollers for various projects.
Many options available!
Starting from: 7.99$ CAD

Product Description:
These chips are pre-programmed with firmwares for many different electronic projects from my site. Ideal if you want to build one of these projects without needing to build or buy a programmer.

Chips for the following projects are available:
USB conversion:
Gamecube/Wii conversion
Picture Gallery:
Ships within 7 business days (*)
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CHIP-MEGA8-NSDB9-USB ATmega8a (28 pin DIP) programmed with nes_snes_db9_usb-1.9.hex 7.99 $ In stock
CHIP-MEGA8-NSNES-GCWII ATmega8a (28 pin DIP) programmed with snes2wii-1.3.hex 7.99 $ In stock
CHIP-MEGA8-N64-GCWII Atmega8a (28 pin DIP) programmed with n64_to_wii-1.5.hex 7.99 $ In stock
CHIP-MEGA8-4NES4SNES Atmega8a (28 pin DIP) programmed with 4nes4snes-1.4.2.hex 7.99 $ In stock
CHIP-MEGA8-GCN64-USB ATmega168a (28 pin DIP) programmed with gc_n64_usb-2.3.hex 7.99 $ In stock
CHIP-MEGA8_USBGAME12 ATmega8a (28 pin DIP) programmed with usb_game12-1.0.hex 7.99 $ In stock
CHIP-MEGA8-INTELLI-USB ATmega8a (28 pin DIP) programmed with intellivusb-1.0.hex 7.99 $ In stock
CHIP-MEGA8-JAGUAR-USB ATmega8a (28 pin DIP) programmed with jaguar_usb-1.0.hex 7.99 $ In stock
CHIP-MEGA8-SATURN-USB ATmega8a (28 pin DIP) programmed with saturn_usb-2.0.hex 7.99 $ In stock
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