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iconUSBTenki: USB Weather related sensors, Do it yourself items
Those are DIY items (PCBs, pre-programmed MCUs...) for the USBTenki project, a project to interface various weather related sensors to USB. Temperature, Humidity, pressure...

Product Description:
USBTenki is a project to interface a variety of sensors to an USB port for collecting and monitoring weather related data such as temperature and humidity. This is an open-source project. The items listed here may be useful for those who are building the project.

In case you did not come from the project's page, here's the address: http://www.raphnet.net/electronique/usbtenki/index_en.php
If you're interested in pre-built sensor cables, look here.

Picture Gallery:
Download(s) & Link(s):
Windows installation manualqtenki_windows_installation_rev1.pdf
Windows user interface version 1.9.6qtenki-1.9.6.zip
Windows user interface version 1.9.5qtenki-1.9.5.zip
Windows user interface version 1.9.4qtenki-1.9.4.zip
Windows user interface version 1.9.3qtenki-1.9.3.zip
Windows user interface version 1.9.2qtenki-1.9.2.zip

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