Genesis/SMS/Atari controller to USB adapter

A cable for connecting Genesis (3 and 6 buttons), Sega master system and Atari-style controllers to an USB port.

  •  The adapter
  •  In use...
  •  Supports 6 button Genesis controllers
  •  Supports 3 button Genesis controllers
  •  Supports SMS controllers
  •  Supports Atari compatible joysticks


When playing good old games from the 8 and 16 bit computer/console era with an emulator, the gameplay is much better when using and original joystick or controller.

This is version 1 of the adapter. It has been replaced by Version 2 which has lower latency (2ms), is configurable and has an updateable firmware.
Supported controllers and specifications:
  • Genesis 6 button controllers
  • Genesis 3 button controllers
  • Sega master system controllers and other 2 button Atari-style controllers. (Button2 on pin 9)
  • Atari-style joysticks, such as the Competition Pro, Zip Stik and many others.
  • Genesis multi-taps (models MK-1657, MK-1654 and P-450). Up to 4 Genesis controllers can be used at the same time!
  • Input latency: Approximately 10ms.
Not supported:
  • Atari 2600 Paddles
Note: The type of controller is auto-detected when the adapter powers up. (i.e. when connecting the USB cable.)

None needed! This adapter implements a standard USB HID joystick and is supported natively by at least Linux, MacOS X and Win9x/2k/XP/7/8 32&64bits.


This product is discontinued

It has been replaced by: ADAP-DB9JOY-USB_V2

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An adapter for connecting Genesis/Megadrive (3/6 button), SMS and Atari-style controllers to an USB port