Gamecube controller to N64 adapter (v3)

With this adapter, use a Gamecube controller on a N64. A great solution to worn-down N64 joysticks! With built-in Controller Pak/MemPak.

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  •  Translucent black version
  •  Translucent red version
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  •  Internal status LED
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This adapter cable makes it possible to use a Gamecube controller on a N64 console. It has been designed as a solution to the worn down N64 joysticks. Reprogrammable mappings solves usability issues due to the N64 and Gamecube controller differences.

This adapter also has a built-in Controller Pak (memory card) to support games needing it. (To games, the adapter looks like a normal controller with a standard Controller Pak always inserted).

  • Supports official and 3rd party Gamecube controllers.
  • Built-in controller Pak
  • High game compatibility thanks to customizable mappings.
  • Up to 4 mappings can be saved, and the default can be set.
  • Upgradeable firmware
  • Built in a translucent plastic enclosure.
  • Available in translucent red and black colors

Additional information about the built-in Controller Pak:
  • Capacity: 32 Kilobyte (256 Kilobit), like original Controller Paks.
  • Storage medium: Flash (no battery used). Theoretical reliability:
    • Endurance: 1000000 Write cycles
    • Data retention: 100 Years


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Item #ADAP-GC2N64_v3-B
DescriptionGamecube controller to Nintendo 64 adapter (v3, black)
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Item #ADAP-GC2N64_v3
DescriptionGamecube controller to Nintendo 64 adapter (v3, red)
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Compatibility list

IMPORTANT: This is not a complete list. If your controller or game does not appear here, it simply means that we did not get the chance (or the idea) to test it, or that no one let us know that it works.

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Supported controllers

Show list...
ModelTested bySupportedComments
Gamecube DOL-003 (standard)raphnet.Yes
Gamecube DOL-003 (white, extra long cable)raphnet.Yes
Gamecube DOL-003 (super smash Bros. edition)raphnet.Yes
Intec wireless gamecube controllerraphnet.Yes
WaveBird Wireless Controllerraphnet.PartialThe WaveBird works perfectly for us in our lab. But a few users have reported issues in the past, in particular when using more than one WaveBird.

We have never been able to reproduce and solve this. (i.e. It always works perfectly for us).
For this reason, we do not officially state that this product supports the WaveBird.
Game Elements PS2->GC converter + PS2 fight stickUserNoButtons somehow work, but mapping is confusing due to the double translation and there are reliability issues. Not recommended. (Fight stick was a Street Fighter 15th Anniversary stick)

Games with Controller Pak support tested

Show list...
Game/softwareTested bySupportedComments
007 - The World is Not Enoughraphnet.Yes
Blast CorpsUserYes
Bomberman 64UserYes
Coupe du Monde 98UserYes
Diddy Kong RacingUserYes
Duke Nukem 64UserYes
Gex 64UserYes
Holy Magic CenturyUserPartialThis game does not detect the Controller Pak at startup but does after a reset.
International Track & Field Summer GamesUserYes
Mario Kart 64raphnet.Yes
Micro Machines 64 TurboUserYes
MRC: Multi Racing ChampionshipUserPartialThis game does not detect the Controller Pak at startup but does after a reset.
Mystical Ninja Starring GoemonUserPartialThis game does not detect the Controller Pak at startup but does after a reset.
Penny RacersUserPartialThis game does not detect the Controller Pak at startup but does after a reset.
Perfect Darkraphnet.Yes
Rayman 2UserYes
Shadowgate 64 - Trials Of The Four Towersraphnet.Yes
Tony Hawk's Pro Skaterraphnet.Yes
Top Gear Rallyraphnet.Yes
Turok - Dinausaur Hunterraphnet.Yes
Virtual Chess 64UserPartialThis game does not detect the Controller Pak at startup but does after a reset.
Wave Race 64UserYes
WCW MayhemUserYes

Download(s) & Link(s)

Mapping generator and manual (EN)
Mapping generator and manual (FR)

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