SNES controller to Wiimote adapter - online manual

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This page is applicable to the following product(s):
  • SNES controller to Wiimote adapter
  • SNES, N64 and GC controller to Wiimote adapter
  • NES/SNES controller to Wiimote adapter
  • NES/SNES/N64/Gamecube controller to Wiimote circuit
  • Quick start guide

    1. Connect an SNES controller to the adapter
    2. Connect the adapter to the Wii remote
    3. Turn-on the Wii remote (if not already on)
    4. Start the game (it will think there is a Classic controller present)

    Button mappings

    Classic controller button SNES controller SNES controller in NES mode SNES controller in analog mode NES controller
    D-Pad D-Pad D-Pad D-Pad D-Pad
    plus Start Start Start Start
    minus Select Select Select Select
    A A B A A
    B B Y B B
    X X X
    Y Y Y
    L L L
    R R R
    When an SNES controller is used for SNES titles or when a NES controller is used for a NES title, the mapping is simple. But using an SNES controller for NES games is far from perfect if the A and B buttons are mapped to the classic controller A and B buttons.

    Enabling NES mode:
    Press START+SELECT+L+R+DOWN simultaneously. In this mode, the SNES button placement will be much more adapted to virtual console NES titles.

    Enabling analog mode::
    Press START+SELECT+L+R+LEFT simultaneously. In this mode, the SNES D-Pad controls the classic controller left stick. This mode might not be very useful, but beating a friend with such a setup is quite funny.

    Restoring standard mode:
    Press START+SELECT+L+R+UP simultaneously.

    Home button:
    Triple-clicking the start button will trigger the home button. (Version 1.9.5 and up)

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