An adapter to use a Wiimote accessories as a USB HID joystick.

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This adapter brings high quality modern Nintendo controllers to your PC. The Classic controller has plenty of buttons and axes making it an excellent option for a wide variety of games. And the much more simpler Nunchuk, also supported by this adapter, allows one to play simple games (eg: NES, SMS) single-handedly!

This product is discontinued. A new and improved version is available.
  • Supported controllers:
    • Nunchuk, official version and clones (wireless or wired), at its full resolution (8 bit for the XY joystick and 10 bit or the accelerometers)
    • Wii classic controller. By default, the analogic L slider is disabled. Hold HOME for 3 seconds to toggle between enabled/disabled. (Required to complete button assignment in many games)
    • NES and SNES classic edition controllers.
    • Partial support for the Wii motion plus. Connecting a peripheral to the Wii motion plus is NOT supported. Yaw, Roll and Pitch speeds scaled down to fit in the 10 bit USB report which severely limits precision. (Not really for games but maybe interesting for programmers)
  • USB HID Compatible. No drivers required on most systems.
  • Works natively on Win7 32&64 bit, Win 8, Win 8.1, Linux and many others.
  • The connected peripheral can be changed on the fly.



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