N64 controller to Wiimote adapter FAQ


Q: The N64 controller buttons are different from the original N64 game. Is there a way to fix this?
A: Yes! The adapter offers several button mappings to accommodate most games. Please have a look at the mapping sheet (why not also print it?) available from the product page in the Links & Downloads tab. Also, if this is a Wii U virtual console game, open the virtual console menu and have a look in Controller Settings. It is possible to reassign buttons there too.

Q: The pointer is moving by itself and/or buttons are being pressed at random. Is the adapter defective?
A: Probably not. If there is a memory card or rumble pack installed in your N64 controller, remove it. Then, disconnect and reconnect the adapter.

Q: Is the rumble pack supported?
A: Unfortunately no. The adapter pretends to be a classic controller and these do not have a vibration function...

Q: When I press Z on the N64 remote, the virtual console menu opens instead of doing . How do I fix this?
A: You may need to disable the open menu function for this controller. Open the menu, enter Controller Serttings, select the classic controller (the adapter pretends to be one), find the button currently assigned to MENU and change it to - (that's no function). As an example, for Mario 64 it is the (Zr) button that needs to be changed.

Q: Can I play Super Smash Bros. Brawl on the Wii using this adapter?
A: Yes! The game sees the adapter as a Classic controller. Configuring mapping 3 on the adapter seems to work well (R button grab, Z button shield). However in some places (to quit a game, for instance) you must disconnect the adapter from the wiimote otherwise the button combination for quitting (L+R+A+Plus) cannot be entered since there is no plus button on the N64 controller...