4x SNES and/or NES controllers to USB adapter circuit

A Circuit that can be used to connect up to 4 SNES and/or NES controllers to a PC's USB port.

  •  Gamepad wiring diagram
  •  SNES Multitap wiring diagram
  •  Example project: Dual NES (or Four Score) to USB
  •  Example project: 2 NES 2 SNES to USB Box
  •  Example wiring
  •  NES Four score (or 2 controller) adapter example
  •  SNES Multitap to USB


With this circuit, you can build a box or cable which can connect up to 4 Nes and/or Snes controllers to a PC. Perfect for playing old games with friends.

  • Up to 4 controllers simultaneously can be used. Any combination of NES and/or SNES controllers.
  • Auto-detects NES and SNES controllers.
  • Supports the NES Four Score (connect it to ports 1 and 2). FourScore auto-detection is done at power-up.
  • Supports the SNES Multitap (Tested only with the Naki Tribal Tap). Requires specific wiring.
  • No special drivers required. Works with Win98/ME (DirectX required), Win7/8/10 (32&64-bit versions), Win2K, WinXP, MacOS X, Linux and it should also work with other operating systems supporting USB and HID joysticks.
  • Apperas as four indepentant game controllers under Windows and Linux.
  • Board dimensions: width=27.5mm, height=17.7mm, thickness=3.4mm
  • New firmware version 1.5
This is an open source project. Sources and schematics available on the 4 SNES and/or NES controllers to usb project page.


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Q: Can I use this product in the other direction? (eg: To connect an USB Arcade stick to an SNES console?)
A: No, using it in the other direction is not possible. It would require a completely different design.