Dual NES controller to USB circuit

Build an unique two player NES to USB adapter with this circuit.

  •  This product as sold
  •  Before soldering
  •  Connector top view
  •  USB Connection
  •  Assembled board dimensions
  •  Example adapter project (Anodized aluminium case)


This is the board we use to build our anodized aluminium 2x NES to USB adapter. Now it is your turn to be creaative and come up with an amazing enclosure (send us pictures!). The board, already assembled and programmed, takes care of all the USB interfacing details so you can focus on the enclosure. For greater flexibiliy, the only components left to solder are the connectors (included).

  • Standard NES connectors.
  • Supports NES controllers. (Tested with NES-004, NES-004E, NES-039, NES-027 (Nes MAX), QS-112, Nes Advantage)
  • Compatible with the NES four score.
  • Mini-USB connection
  • No drivers required (USB HID compatible)
  • Circuit board assembled except for the connectors.
  • Two NES connectors.
  • Mini USB cable.
Not included:
  • Enclosure. (You must provide one, using the unit without an enclosure is not recommended).
  • NES Controllers
This product is an implementation of the following open source project: 2 NES/SNES to USB.


This product is discontinued