SMS to Megadrive/Genesis cartridge adapter

A cartridge adapter circuit to play SMS games on a Megadrive/Genesis console.

  •  Assembled adapter<br>(BRD-SMS2SMD)
  •  Assembled adapter<br>(BRD-SMS2SMD)
  •  DIY kit<br>(BRD-SMS2SMD-KIT)
  •  In use
  •  In use


You want to play Sega Master System games but you only have a Genesis/Megadrive console? No problem, the system is backward compatible with SMS games. All you need is a cartridge adapter.

Not all games are compatible, but there are workarounds. Read more about this here before buying.

  • Supports 50 pin SMS cartridges (i.e. Non-japanese SMS)
  • Two layer black PCB, gold plated.
  • Available fully assembled or in kit.
  • Tested on Genesis/Megadrive models 1 and 2.
  • Tested on the Hyperkin Retron5
  • Not compatible with Genesis model 3 and the Nomad.
This product is an implementation of the following open source project: SMS to Megadrive/Genesis cartridge adaptor


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A new version with improved game compatibility and a pause button is in preparation. It should be available in July 2021.

DescriptionSMS to SMD cartridge adapter

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