Famicom controller to NES adapter

An adapter for using Japanese Famicom controllers on a NES.

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With this adapter, you can use controllers meant for the Japanese Famicom on your NES.

  • Supports most[1] famicom controllers.
  • New in V2: Also supports the Famicom light gun!
  • Cable length: 56" (approx. 1.4 meter)
[1] Please consult the compatibility list below for more information.


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Item #ADAP-FC-NES_v2
DescriptionFamicom controller to NES adapter (V2)

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Compatibility list

IMPORTANT: This is not a complete list. If something does not appear here, it simply means that we did not get the chance (or the idea) to test it, or that no one let us know that it works.

Help us improve this page by sending test results by email to support@raphnet-tech.com

Tested consoles

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Type (region)Tested bySupportedComments
Original NES console (North America)raphnet.Yes
French NES console modded for NTSC controllersUserNo

Tested Controllers

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ModelTested bySupportedComments
Hudson Soft model HC 62-4raphnet.Yes
Light gunsraphnet.YesSince version 2
Wing commander (Hori HJ-8)UserYesOnly in player-1 mode
Pax Power GloveUserYesWorks as well (or as bad) as it should for the power glove...
Tototek Classic Joypad (PSX) converter for FCUserNo


Q: What are the differences between version 1 and 2?
A: Version 1 did not support the Famicom light gun and had a grey Famicom connector instead of black.

Q: How can I tell which version I have?
A: If the famicom connector is grey, it is version 1. Otherwise you have a V2.

Q: Some Famicom controllers have a switch to select between player 1 and 2. Is this supported with this adapter?
A: No, as this would require a different adapter design with cables connecting to the two controller ports on the NES, like the NES Advantage does. Maybe we will make such an adapter in the future.. Let us know if you are interested.