Gamecube controller to USB adapter with vibration support

Gamecube controller to USB adapter.

  •  The adapter
  •  Gamecube connector
  •  Example supported controller


Nintendo Gamecube controllers are excellent controllers which are quite appropriate for many PC games. With this adapter, it's possible to use a Gamecube controller on a PC equipped with an USB port. For multiplayer games, many adapters can be used simultaneously.

Discontinued product. Replaced by an improved version: Gamecube to USB adapter - V3
Supported controllers:
  • Standard Gamecube controllers (Official and 3rd party)
  • Wireless Gamecube controllers (Known to work with Nintendo's Wavebird and an Intec controller)
  • Gamecube Dance mats (Opposite directions supported)
  • Should support all accessories which act as a GC controller. (eg: DK Bongos)
  • Vibration function supported! Tested with project64 and dolphin.
  • Compatible with American, European and Japanese controllers.
  • Supports the Gamecube keyboard. Tested with ASCII ASC-1901P0 (Since firmware version 2.9)
System requirements:
Any machine supporting USB HID joysticks. Works fine on Linux, MacOS X and Windows (2K/XP/Win7/Win8 32 or 64 bit). Vibration only tested on Windows with project64 and dolphin. Both parts of the gamecube keyboard are supported, but only one at a time. Two adapters are needed to use the joystick and keyboard simultaneously.

Built using our own Gamecube/N64 Controller to USB adapter circuit. Adapter color and cable length are subject to change.


This product is discontinued

It has been replaced by: Gamecube to USB adapter - V3

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Manual (Work in progress)
Gamecube L/R sliders calibration fixer.
Calibrate normally, then run this tool.

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