64 kB ROM PCB for MSX

A PCB for building an up to 64 kB (but typically only up to 48 kB) ROM cartridge for MSX.

  •  The board as sold (component side)
  •  The board as sold (solder side)
  •  Example use with 27C512R OTP EPROM
  •  Example use with a socket
  •  Example use with W27E257 EEPROM in socket


This is a small PCB for building your own MSX ROM cartridges, perfect for homebrew and small utilities.

  • 28-DIP footprint for 64 kB (512 kb) EPROMs, such as 27C512.
  • PCB: 65.5mm x 43mm, 30° bevel, immersion gold.
  • Cartridge shell: Not included. Designed for Konami-style cartridges.

This circuit is for 64 kB EPROMs, but ROM files smaller than 64kB can be used. If the file size is 32 kB or smaller, program it starting at EPROM address 4000h.

32 kB (E)EPROMs can also be used, but programming a 32 kB file is not so straightforward, please check this raphnet.net article for more information.

Important disclaimer, please read: You must be able to program and solder your EPROM yourself. We do not provide assistance for this. If you install a socket, please note that the PCB won't fit in a cartridge shell unless you cut an opening in it. When using the PCB without a cartridge, make sure to insert the PCB in the correct orientation. Failure to do so may damage the cartridge and/or the computer.


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MSX 64 kB Memory expansion circuit board, assembled and tested.