Multiuse PCB-X Assembled circuit

A small multipurpose PCB featuring an atmega32u2 USB micro-controller.

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This is a small multi-purpose board featuring an USB micro-controller with a mini-USB connector and 3.3v voltage regulator on-board. While it was designed with Gamecube and N64 controller to USB adapters in mind, it is still ideal for many other applications.

What can you build with this board? Have a look to the project page for the soon to be growing list of projects and for technical details and usage tips.

  • Atmel atmega32u2 micro-controller clocked at 16MHz.
  • Mini USB connector
  • 8 input/output pads
  • 3.3v, 5v and GND pads.
  • LM1117-3.3 (800mA LDO) 3.3v regulator on-board
  • Dimensions: 1.825" x 0.619" x 0.217" (46.36mm x 15.73mm x 5.5mm)
  • Pre-programmed with Atmel DFU bootloader. Flash your own firmware through USB without special equipment!
  • Compatible with Dean Camera's LUFA library.
Note: This board is not arduino compatible.

Color can change without notice: The current batch is green.


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DescriptionMultiuse PCB-X Assembled circuit
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