NES, SNES, DB9 (Atari/SMS/Genesis) or TGFX16/PC-Engine to USB conversion circuit

A small circuit which can convert controllers/joysticks to USB. Supports Atari-style joysticks, SMS, NES, SNES controllers, SNES mouse, Genesis 3/6 button controllers, Genesis Multitap and TurboGrafx-16/PC-Engine controllers.

  •  The circuit
  •  Fits inside original gamepads (on this picture, Sega Master System)
  •  Supports the SNES mouse
  •  Exemple: Sega Master System controller converted to USB
  •  TG16 controllers supported


This circuit allows you to convert one of the following game controllers to USB:
  • SNES controller or mouse
  • NES controller
  • Genesis 3 and 6 button controller or Multi-tap (Use 4 controllers at the same time!)
  • Atari style joystick/controller. Implemented by many 8bit systems such as: Atari, Commodore, Sega Master System... Typically, those joysticks have a DB9 connector.
  • TurboGrafx-16/PC-Engine controller
The software implements a standard USB HID (Human input device) device so it is directly supported by most operating systems without installing special drivers. Perfect for playing old games with emulators. Works great with other games too!

The circuit is small enough to fit inside an heat shrink tubing or pvc pipe. It's even possible to fit the circuit directly inside an original controller.

Open source project!:
If you feel that you may be able to build this yourself, all the information you need is on my snes/nes to usb , atari to usb and tgfx16/pc-engine to usb project pages.

This product can convert only 1 controller or 1 Genesis multi-tap. See also the 4nes4snes adapter circuit.


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DescriptionNes/Snes/DB9/TGFX to USB: Fully assembled and tested circuit.

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Owners manualM_NSDB9_PCB_ENG3.pdf
Wiring diagrams for old versionsnes_snes_atari_old_diagrams.pdf