Playstation controller to parallel port adapter

This adapter cable is a classic solution to use Playstation 1 controllers on a PC.

$19.54 CAD
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Product Description:
This adapter cable is a classic solution to use Playstation 1 controllers on a PC. Best suited for older machines without an USB port running DOS, Win9x or Linux.

Works with the following software:
  • Windows XP/2000 with PSXPad
  • Windows 95/98 with Direct Pad Pro.
  • Linux 'gamecon' driver.
Pitfalls (Read before buying!)
There are a few risks of incompatiblity (see below). We therefore cannot allow exchanges or refunds should one of the hereafter mentionned situations occur:
  • Some parallel ports are not able to provide enough power to the controller. This happens mostly on laptops and PCs with non-standard parallel ports working at 3.3 volts instead of 5 volts!
  • Special game controllers with potentially higher power requirements may not work.
  • I heard some controllers simply won't work. But this is very rare.
  • Windows Vista, Windows 7/8 support status is unknown.
  • Win64 support is unknown.
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Description Playstation controller to parallel port adapter
Price $19.54
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This adapter is built according to the instructions on this website.

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