Boot ROM v0.41 for use with SD-Cart JR

Update your SD-Cart JR with this new boot ROM which supports the use of other hard drives on the system, such as a jr-IDE.

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  •  New: Options menu (SD-Cart JR + other hard disk)
  •  New: Options menu (SD-Cart JR alone on the system)


This is a pre-programmed EPROM containing the latest version of the SD-Cart JR BIOS. Intended as an easy upgrade path for SD-Cart JR owners without an EPROM programmer.

New in this version (0.41):
  • Fdisk now sees all drives, so you can, for instance, boot from your jr-IDE to partition a new card in your new SD-Cart JR, or the opposite. (Boot from an SD-Cart JR to install DOS on a jr-IDE)
  • The boot count-down can now be skipped by pressing ESCAPE.
What was new in version 0.40:
  • Added support for system with multiple hard drives. (Tested with jr-IDE).
  • New options menu, allowing to:
    • Install the SD-Cart JR as last drive (default)
      (i.e. if C: is your jr-IDE, the SD-Cart JR will be D:)
    • Install the SD-Cart JR as first drive
      (i.e. if C: is normally your jr-IDE, it becomes D: and the SD-Cart JR is C:)
    • Install the SD-Cart JR as single drive
      (other drives not visible)
    • Disable the SD-Cart JR BIOS.

Note: The chip cannot be reprogrammed.


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DescriptionBoot ROM for SD-Cart JR v1 (to upgrade to ROM version 0.41)

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