Classic Controller to USB adapter firmware beta

Testers wanted! As of March 10, 2021, the last released firmware for the Classic controller to USB adapter is version 2.2.4. This page is about the next firmware version currently in development.

This applies to the following products:

1. Understand the feature we are trying to add


We are trying to add a feature to limit the number of times per second a button can be triggered. The goal is to work around issues on certain controllers, Wiitars in particular, where sometimes a button triggers more than once in a very short amount of time, even though it pushed only once. Dealing with this is similar to the well known procedure of debouncing a button input using software. There are many ways to do this, but some introduce lag, which we absolutely do not want.

Current strategy

Our initial propsition (i.e. it will likely change based the feedback we get) for testing works as follows:
As soon as the adapter firmware sees a button being held down, the adapter will keep reporting (to the computer) the button as being held for the configured duration, regardless of button state change during that time.

Here is an attempt to illustrate the difference between real button status and what the adapter reports (output):

Illustration of the initial concept
As you can see, there is no initial lag. The event is fired as soon as you press the button, as it always was. But the adapter keeps reporting the button as being down for a number of cycles even after it has been released. In the above example, while previously the adapter would have reported the 7 button presses, with this feature, the adapter would have reported only 3.


2. Download the beta firmware

Download the firmware to test and save it somewhere on your computer. Then extract the .hex from the zip file.


3. Update your adapter firmware

Click on the 'Update firmware...' button in the adapter manager and select the firmware you downloaded at the previous step. Perform the update.

You are now ready to test!

4. Provide feedback

Please let us know of any issues the new firmware introduces, or if it helps or not, what you think could be improved, etc..

To contact us, please write an email to