Sega Master System to MarkIII/SMS-J cartridge adapter

A cartridge adapter to play Sega SMS games (non-japanese, 50 pin cartridge) on a MarkIII or Japanese SMS system.

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If you own a Sega MarkIII or a Japanese Master System, this adapter enlarges your game library by letting you use non-japanese 50 pin cartridges. Ideal for games without a Japanese version, games you already own, or games difficult/expensive to get from Japan. Also, many titles originating in Japan still support FM sound, so if you have a MarkIII FM sound unit or a Japanese SMS, some games will sound better.

  • Supports 50 pin non-Japanese Master system cartridges.
  • Works on Sega MarkIII and Japanese SMS.
  • Two layer PCB, gold plated.
  • Ready to use, no soldering required.


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DescriptionSMS to MarkIII cartridge adapter

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