Classic controller to Gamecube/Wii adapter

An adapter to use Classic controllers on a Gamecube or Wii.

Product Description:
This adapter makes it possible to use a Classic controller (pro) or SNES/NES Classic edition controller on a Wii or Gamecube. Ideal for the Game Boy player, Gamecube games and virtual console games.

  • Supports official Nintendo Classic and Classic controller Pro.
  • Uses the Classic Controller High Resolution Mode.
  • Supports NES/SNES Classic edition controllers.
  • Compatible with Gamecube and Wii[1] consoles.
  • Compatible with the Game Boy Player and emulators.
  • 6 Button mappings available.
  • Low latency: 4ms max (¼ of an NTSC frame).
  • Updateable firmware. [2]

Picture Gallery:
The connectors
Example supported controllers
Example supported controllers
Example supported controllers

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IMPORTANT: This is not a complete list. If your controller or game does not appear here, it simply means that we did not get the chance (or the idea) to test it, or that no one let us know that it works.

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Tested consoles
Type (region)Tested bySupportedComments
Gamecube system (North america)raphnet tech.Yes
Wii with gamecube ports (North america)raphnet tech.Yes
Other Gamecube/Wii regionsraphnet tech.PartialNot yet tested, but expected to work based on theory and experience with similar products.
Nintendo SwitchUserPartialFunctional through use of the Smash Bros Gamecube adapter originally made for the Wii U. However the plus, minus, home and extra triggers on Classic Controllers having no equivalents on Gamecube controllers are not functional.
Tested games
GameTested bySupportedComments
(Gamecube) Soul caliburraphnet tech.Yes
(Gamecube) Beyond good and evilraphnet tech.Yes
(Gamecube) Mega Man anniversary collectionraphnet tech.Yes
(Wii) Mario Kart Wiiraphnet tech.Yes
(Wii) Virtual console, Super Mario World (SNES)raphnet tech.Yes
(Wii) Virtual console, Super Castlevania IV (SNES)raphnet tech.Yes
(Wii) Virtual console, Super Mario Bros. (NES)raphnet tech.Yes
(Wii) Virtual console, Mario Kart 64 (N64)raphnet tech.Yes
(Wii) the homebrew channelraphnet tech.Yes
(Wii) Snes9x GX v4.3.7raphnet tech.Yes
(Wii) FCE Ultra GX 3.3.9raphnet tech.Yes
(Wii) Wii system menuraphnet tech.NoThe wii system menu does not support gamecube controllers
Supported controllers
ModelTested bySupportedComments
Classic Controller RVL-005raphnet tech.Yes
Classic Controller Pro RVL-005(-02)raphnet tech.Yes
SNES Classic edition controller CLV-202raphnet tech.Yes
NES Classic edition controller CLV-002raphnet tech.Yes
Classic controller Pro clone (no part number)raphnet tech.Yes
Generic SNES controller clone (no part number)raphnet tech.Yes
Nyko Super Miniboss Wireless Turbo Controller 87185-D78 (North America)UserYesMaping must be selected using a wired controller first.
Wireless Turbo Controller for NES Classic edition (no brand, no part number)raphnet tech.YesSupport added in firmware v1.2
8Bitdo SN30 2.4G Wireless Gamepad for SNES Classic Editionraphnet tech.YesSupport added in firmware v1.2
8Bitdo SF30 2.4G Wireless Gamepad for SNES Classic Editionraphnet tech.YesSupport added in firmware v1.2
8Bitdo N30 2.4G Wireless Gamepad for NES Classic Editionraphnet tech.YesSupport added in firmware v1.2
8Bitdo F30UserYesSupport added in firmware v1.2
8Bitdo SFC30 ProUserPartialL2/R2 do the same as L1/R1, Left analog=Dpad, Right analog does nothing
8Bitdo N30 ProUserPartialL2/R2 do the same as L1/R1, Left analog=Dpad, Right analog does nothing
8Bitdo N30 Arcade stickUserPartialL2/R2 do the same as L1/R1, Left analog=Dpad, Right analog does nothing
Wired Fight Pad model 085-006 (Wario)raphnet tech.Yes
Battle Pad, Pikachu (Hori WIU-079(U/E)raphnet tech.Yes
Nunchuk (Nintendo RVL-004)raphnet tech.YesSupport added in firmware v1.2. C=B, Z=A. Not sure if useful..


1 This adapter only works on Wii with Gamecube ports! If you have a Wii U or a Wii without gamecube ports, please consider our SNES to Wiimote adapter.
2 Firmware update is performed by chaining the adapter with a raphnet GC to USB V3 adapter (or any variation such as dual Gamecube or Gamecube + N64) and using the adapter manager.
3 The cable color may change without notice. In particular, the white connector and cable may become black at some point in the future.