PCB for building a Game Gear to SMS adapter

To read/write Game Gear cartridges using an SMS cartridge reader/programmer. You need to provide and solder your own Game Gear slot.

  •  This PCB (top side)
  •  This PCB (bottom side)
  •  Example assembled adapter (connector not included)
  •  Example use (with cartridge reader - sold separately)


This PCB is for building an adapter which will allow you to read/write Game Gear games on a cartridge reader or programmer designed for SMS 50-pin cartridges.

You must solder your own (i.e we do not include one) Game Gear game connector.

This is NOT for playing SMS games on Game Gear.
This is NOT for playing Game Gear games on an SMS console.

This PCB, once assembled, is only useful for reading/writing Game Gear cartridges, using our cartridge reader/programmer for instance.


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DescriptionPCB for building a Game Gear to SMS adapter

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Q: Can I play Game Gear games on a TV using this adapter and an SMS console?
A: No. While some games could start and potentially even play the title screen music, the colors will be completely wrong. Additionally, in most cases, you would be stuck at the title screen since there is no way to press start.

Q: Where can I get the Game Gear connector?
A: Besides from salvaging one from an (hopefully/please!) irreversably broken console, we do not know of any source for this connector.

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