SNES Cartridge PCB with pre-programmed CIC

A Quality SNES Cartridge PCB for 32 DIP EPROM wired as LoRom, with Hard Gold fingers and pre-programmed CIC.

  •  Top
  •  Bottom
  •  CIC chip
  •  Bevel
  •  Board thickness
  •  Example use with M27C801 (8MBIT)
  •  Example use (inserted in a Super Famicom)
  •  In an SNES cartridge
  •  In an SFC cartridge
  •  Packaging (front)
  •  Packaging (back)
  •  Schematic


So you coded a neat little SNES game and would like to make a permanent cartridge for it? Time to test your code on the real thing but you do not own an SD card cartridge? This PCB could be the solution!

  • High quality PCB with Hard Gold fingers. This is how quality game cartridges are built to survive many mating cycles.
  • The Component area (where you solder your EPROM or Socket) uses a Lead Free HASL finish. Easy to solder!
  • A PIC12F629 is already installed and programmed with the SNESCIC firmware, so all you need to care about is coding your game and programming your (E)EPROM correctly.
  • This cartridge is wired as LoRom. (i.e. A15 not connected. See schematic.)
  • PCB Thickness: 1.2mm, the standard thickness for SNES cartridge PCBs.
  • PCB shaped to fit standard SNES and SFC cartridges.
This product is an assembled PCB without EPROM or FLASH. This is the only component you must provide yourself. Capacitors as well as the pre-programmed PIC12F629 are already installed.

This PCB supports one 32-DIP (E)EPROM, which are available in sizes ranging from 1 to 8 Megabits (8 Megabit = 1 Megabyte). Usable chips include: AT27C010 (128KB), AT27C020 (256KB), AT27C040 (512KB) and AT27C080 (1024KB). UV EPROMs, such as the M27C801 can also be used.

Important disclaimer, please read: You must be able to program and solder your EPROM yourself. We do not provide assistance for this. If you install a socket, please note that the PCB won't fit in a cartridge shell unless you cut an opening in it. When using the PCB without a cartridge, make sure to insert the PCB in the correct orientation. Failure to do so may damage the cartridge and/or the console.


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DescriptionSNES Cart PCB, Hard Gold fingers, 32 DIP, LoRom wiring, with pre-programmed CIC
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