Super Sudoku (SFC/SNES game cartridge)

A Sudoku game for SNES, with 400 built-in puzzles, hint engine and auto-solver.

  •  Super Sudoku (North America and international versions)
  •  Cartridge front view (North America)
  •  Cartridge front view (International)
  •  In use with the NTT Data Keypad
  •  Title screen
  •  Difficulty selection
  •  Puzzle selection
  •  New puzzle
  •  Puzzle completed with auto-solver
  •  Hint example
  •  Illegal entry detection
  •  Direct entry with the NTT Data KeyPad
  •  Direct entry with the NTT Data KeyPad
  •  Support the NTT Data Keypad
  •  High quality glossy label
  •  Cartridge back
  •  Cartridge back (International)
  •  Cartridge PCB edge view
  •  International version
  •  High-quality PCB with hard gold contacts


This is a homebrew Sudoku game cartridge for SNES, programmed for fun as part of the March 2019 RetroChallenge (project log here). One of the very few, if not the only game to support the NTT Data Keypad, besides the original JRA PAT online horse race betting system. (more info on this here)

  • 4 Difficulty levels, 100 unique puzzles each. (Total of 400 puzzles!)
  • Simple Hint engine. Detects sole cell candidate, unique row candidate and unique column canditate.
  • Invalid entry detection.
  • Auto-solver (please use it after giving up)
  • Supports the NTT Data Keypad for direct number entry!
  • Also supports standard SNES controllers: Use L/R to cycle through valid values for a given cell
  • Built using our high quality PCB with hard gold fingers. (see related products below)

This game cartridge is sold without a box and without a manual. Also, the cartridge does not have a sticker on the back.

International version: The international version works on all consoles, PAL and NTSC. The cartridge is shaped for PAL and Japanese systems but has two notches on the back so it can also be used on north american systems.

NTT Data Keypad on PAL systems: The NTT Data Keypad has been confirmed to work on two PAL systems so far, but this could depend on the console model, as some NTSC controllers are known not to work on PAL systems. We therefore do not guarantee NTT Data Keypad support for unmodified PAL systems.

Game ROM version: 1.0


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DescriptionSuper Sudoku (SNES/SFC game cartridge - International version)
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DescriptionSuper Sudoku (SNES game cartridge - North America)
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