Sega saturn controller to USB circuit

This circuit makes it possible to use Sega Saturn peripherals such as controllers and mouse on an USB port.

  •  The circuit
  •  Supports analogic controller (MK-80117)
  •  Supports the Horipad SS (HSS-11)
  •  HSS-0102 Shuttlemouse supported
  •  Performance Super Pad 8 (P-400) supported
  •  Joystick in Win 7
  •  Mouse in Win 7
  •  Win 7 (Joystick dialog)


This circuit makes it possible to use Sega Saturn peripherals (controllers, mouse) on a PC through an USB port. One can either build an adapter (Using the connector from a Saturn extension) or convert a controller by wiring it directly to the circuit.

  • The Basic controllers (ABCXYZ, L/R and Start buttons). Tested with:
    Sega HSS-0101, Sega MK-80116, Super Pad 8 (P-400), Horipad SS (HSS-11)
  • The analogic controller. Tested with: Sega MK-80117.
  • The mouse (aka "Shuttlemouse"). Tested with Sega HSS-0102.
  • Should also work with the twinsticks.
  • Multitap not supported.
Thanks to USB HID compliance, the adapter works immediately on most modern operating systems without installing special drivers. Tested under Linux, Windows 7/8 64-bit, MacOS X and Sony Playstation 3.

This project is an implementation of the following open-source project: Sega Saturn controller to USB adapter project.


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DescriptionSega saturn controller to USB circuit, assembled and programmed (v2.0).

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Instructions sheet (English)saturn_usb_sheet_rev1_en.pdf
Instructions sheet (French)saturn_usb_sheet_rev1_fr.pdf
Instructions sheet (Japanese)saturn_usb_sheet_rev1_ja.pdf

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