SNES controller to Atari/Commodore

An adapter for using SNES controllers on Commodore and Atari systems.

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This adapter lets SNES controller be used on Atari and Commodore computers. Perfect if you have arcade controllers for SNES only or simply prefer SNES controllers.

  • Supports wired SNES controllers.
  • Four (4) Button mappings to choose from - accommodates many games.
  • Six (6) different turbo speeds (30Hz, 25Hz, 20Hz, 16.667Hz, 15Hz and 12.5Hz) are available and cycled through by pressing the SELECT button. The default is 25Hz.
  • Auto-fire lock feature (toggled by pressing start).
  • Tested with Commodore 64, C64DTV, Amiga 500, Amiga 600, Atari 130XE and Atari VCS-2600.
  • Works with PAL and NTSC systems.
  • Not supported: Minimig, Amiga CD32, Atari 7800.
Note 1: Fire-2 is for Amiga only.
Note 2: When auto-fire is on, it can still be overridden by the fire button. (Allows mega-shoot in games like "R-TYPE")
Note 3: Fire-2 is not influenced by auto-fire. It still works normally. (Eg: Calling the drone in games like "R-TYPE")

This product is an implementation of the following open source project: SNES controller to Atari/Commodore


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DescriptionSNES controller to Atari/Commodore adapter

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Button mapping table (EN)snes_to_ac1_en.pdf
Button mapping table (FR)snes_to_ac1_fr.pdf
Button mapping table (JA)snes_to_ac1_ja.pdf