SNES controller(s) to USB adapters

This cable allows you to connect SNES compatible gamepads or mouse to a PC using the USB bus.

  •  Single player adapter
  •  Two player adapter
  •  Four player adapter
  •  Four player adapter


Playing SNES games with an emulator is great, but nothing is better than playing with the original gamepads or mouse. This cable makes it possible to use a real snes controllers or mice on a computer using the USB bus. Compatible with American, European and Japanese controllers.

A new and improved version of this product is available.
No driver required. It works out of the box with Windows 7/8/Vista/XP/2000/ME/98 (32 and 64bit versions), MacOS X, Linux or any other operating system supporting USB and HID joysticks. You may connect many adapters to the same computer. Note that the SNES mouse is only supported by the single controller version.

Do it yourself?
Those adapters are built using the NES/SNES controller to USB circuit. This may be of interest to those who enjoy using a soldering iron.

Note: Adapter color and length may vary.


This product is discontinued

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