SNES controller to USB adapter - V2

The latest version of our SNES controller to USB adapter, now with advXarch techology.

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Playing SNES games with an emulator is great, but nothing is better than playing with the original gamepads. This adapter makes it possible to connect a real snes controller to an USB port.

advXarch This adapter is built using advXarch technology.
This is the single-player version of the adapter. See also 2-player version
The adapter:
  • Standard SNES controllers supported (all regions)
  • NTT Data controller supported (all 23 buttons)
  • SNES mouse supported (enable mouse mode, use firmware > 2.2.0)
  • 100% functional without installing special drivers. Easy to use. (Connects as an USB HID joystick)
  • Works under Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.
  • Updateable firmware.
  • Some aspects of the adapter are configurable.
    • D-Pad can act as buttons or axis
    • Configurable polling rate
  • Each adapter has its own serial number.
  • USB cable included.

  • None! Uses standard drivers included with supported operating systems.

Management tool: (more info)
  • Easy to use user interface able to manage several adapters.
  • Adapter firmware version display
  • Firmware update function.
  • Type of connected controller display
  • Select between joystick and mouse mode, adjust mouse speed

Total Latency information: (more info)
  • Default setting: 6ms
  • Minimum setting: 2ms


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DescriptionSNES to USB 1-player adapter V2 (w/advXarch)

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Q: Is this adapter compatible with the Nintendo Switch?
A: No, unfortunately the switch does not support this adapter.

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The latest version of our SNES controller to USB adapter, now with advXarch techology.


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