Raphnet adapter management tool

Graphical user interface and command-line tools to manage raphnet adapters.

  •  Main window with N64 controller connected
  •  N64 Mempak editor
  •  Transfer Pak : Display cartridge information
  •  Transfer Pak: Backuping cartridge save RAM
  •  Gamecube to N64 adapter management
  •  PCEngine to USB adapter management


Graphical user interface and command-line tools to manage raphnet adapters.

  • Firmware update[1]
  • Firmware version display
  • Supports multiple adapters connected simultaneously (shows a list to choose from)
  • Adapter configuration
    (actual features available depends on model)
    • Controller poll interval
    • GC full range sliders
    • GC Inverted triggers
    • GC Sliders as buttons
    • Disable analog triggers
    • DPad as buttons
    • DPad as axes
    • Swap R and L sticks
    • Enable Nunchuk accelerometers (X,Y and Z)
    • Reverse scroll direction
  • Connected controller type display.[2]
  • Built-in vibration/rumble test. (N64/GC only)
  • For Windows and Linux

N64 to USB adapter-specific features:
  • Controller pak ("mempak") read/write.
  • Built-in controller pak editor
  • Supports .N64 and .MPK controller pak image files.
  • Transfer Pak support:
    • Read/write cartridge save ram (backup your saves!)
    • Cartridge information display
    • Cartridge dumping
Gamecube to N64 adapter features[3]:
  • Firmware version display and update
  • Configuration display (currently read-only)
  • Coming soon: Button mapping editor, configuration editor

[1] Firmware update is only supported on adapters with advXarch technology.
[2] Requires an adapter with advXarch technology and depends on the type of controller (ie: Some controllers are not detectable)
[3] To manage a Gamecube controller to N64 adapter, a raphnet-tech N64 to USB adapter is required.
This project is open-source and developed on GitHub: raphnet/gcn64tools. Suggestions, patches, pull-request and issues are welcome.


Q: I get a "Failed to Open Adapter" error when I select my adapter. What should I do?
A: This should no longer happen starting with version 2.1.29 of the adapter manager. If it still happens, please contact us. Under Windows, RGB Fusion, Base camp, Mystic Light (and possibly others of the kind) are known to interfere with the adapter and causes this error. Stop those software and services when using the adapter manager.

Q: Is it possible to update old (v1 and v2.9 - discontinued in 2016) Gamecube/N64 to USB adapters using this tool?
A: Unfortunately not. Those adapters did not have updateable firmware and are a completely diferent design (newer firmwares would also not run no them)

Download(s) & Link(s)

Version: 2.1.30 - Latest

May 22, 2024
raphnet-tech_adapter_manager-install-2.1.30.exe (17.5 MB)
raphnet-tech_adapter_manager-2.1.30.tar.gz (2.7 MB)
Improved the user interface for two player adapters and one a new firmware. Details:
  • Add Famicom controller to USB adapter firmware v2.2 (Adds two player and SNES controller support)
  • On two player adapters, also display the controller type detected in port 2.

Show previous releases...

Version: 2.1.29

April 25, 2024
raphnet-tech_adapter_manager-install-2.1.29.exe (17.5 MB)
raphnet-tech_adapter_manager-2.1.29.tar.gz (2.6 MB)
  • Should fix most cases of Failed to open adapter under Windows when using RGB lighting control software, such as RGB Fusion, G HUB, Windows Dynamic lighting, etc...
  • Add Dreamcast to USB adapter firmware v2.1

Version: 2.1.28

March 16, 2023
raphnet-tech_adapter_manager-install-2.1.28.exe (17.5 MB)
raphnet-tech_adapter_manager-2.1.28.tar.gz (2.6 MB)
  • Add Dreamcast to USB adapter firmware v2.0.2:
    • New option to make L/R analog triggers report values of (-32000 to 32000) instead of 0 to 32000.
  • Add Famicom to USB adapter firmware v2.1.0:
    • Add support for the Konami HyperShot.
    • Keyboard is now only supported in Keyboard mode.

Version: 2.1.27

August 11, 2022
raphnet-tech_adapter_manager-install-2.1.27.exe (18.9 MB)
raphnet-tech_adapter_manager-2.1.27.tar.gz (2.6 MB)
  • New firmwares for SNES/N64/Classic controller to Gc/Wii adapters, implementing seldom used Gamecube controller status reporting where the C-stick and/or the L/R analog triggers can be made 4 or 8 bits. This fixes Luigi's Mansion vacuum and possibly other games!
    • N64 to Gc/Wii v2.5
    • SNES to GC/Wii v2.5
    • Classic to GC/Wii v1.7
  • Command-line: --gc_pollraw now takes an argument corresponding to the reporting mode (Use 3 for 8 bit C-Stick and L/R triggers)
  • Add support for adapters with acceleration sensors

Version: 2.1.26

June 10, 2022
raphnet-tech_adapter_manager-install-2.1.26.exe (18.9 MB)
raphnet-tech_adapter_manager-2.1.26.tar.gz (2.6 MB)
  • New Classic controller to USB adapter firmware version 2.2.7:
    • Add an option to invert the Y or X joystick axis.
    • Mouse mode: Wii Guitars now supported.
    • Mouse mode: Add an option to disable Nunchuk scrolling.
    • Correct values used for D-Pad as axes option (was broken since v2.2.2)
  • New PSX Controller to USB adapter firmware version 1.0.2:
    • Add support for the PSX Analog Joystick (SCPH-1110). Should also work for the Dual Analog Controller.
    • Add support for the Playstation mouse (SCPH-1030)
    • Use slower timing when poll interval is >= 10ms. With this change, some 3rd party controllers may work.

Version: 2.1.25

September 2, 2021
raphnet-tech_adapter_manager-install-2.1.25.exe (18.9 MB)
raphnet-tech_adapter_manager-2.1.25.tar.gz (2.5 MB)
  • Support for inverting X/Y joystick axis (for firmwares supporting it)
  • Classic to GC/Wii firmware version 1.6 : New button mapping added
  • SNES to GC/Wii firmware version 2.4 : Fix a centering/drift issue in games where the dead zone is very small
  • SNES to N64 firmware version 1.6 : Added a new mapping (mode 4)

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