The raphnet advXarch technology

What is it?

The raphnet advXarch technology is the combination of hardware platform and software infrastructure we use on our best adapters.

By choosing an adapter with advXarch technology,YOU always get: You may also get, depending on the model and what makes sense for the type of supported controllers, advanced features such as: All the advXarch adapters are supported by the raphnet adapter manager which can display adapter information (name, firmware version, number of ports, currently connected controller type) and perform configuration and update operations.

About latency

There are two variables: The total latency is therefore 1ms + [configured poll interval]. This results in a minimum total latency of 3ms, and of 6ms by default. (For an adapter with a minimum poll interval of 2ms)

Some 3rd party N64 and Gamecube controllers are known to misbehave when the poll interval is set too low (because consoles typically polls at 16ms intervals). This is why the default is higher at 5ms rather than the minimum value.

Adapters with advXarch technology

Simply search for the advXarch logo in the product pages: , or click on the advXarch category in the products section for a list of compliant products.


The raphnet advXarch technology is also known as "raphnet V3" due to its first use in version 3 of our N64/Gamecube to USB adapter. The 3rd version of this adapter is much better than its predecessors since it has lower latency, upgradeable firmware and advanced features such as raw controller access.

This was made possible by a new hardware platform (where the micro-controller has native USB support) and a USB software stack mostly rewritten from scratch. As this new architecture is suitable for many kind of adapters besides N64/Gamecube, we decided to give it a name (advXarch) since not all adapters where this technology is used are 3rd versions...)