XHE-3 equivalent PCB kit

A kit for building your own XHE-3 equivalent adapter, for using (among others) MSX controllers on PC-Engine.

  •  The kit
  •  Parts list, wiring table and schematic included
  •  V2 PCB
  •  Example completed project (with old v1 PCB)
  •  Example completed project (with old v1 PCB)


The XHE-3 was an adapter designed for using MSX controllers and joystick on a PC Engine console. It also supported the use fo an analog controller, the XE1-AP.

The XHE-3 being rare and expensive, we made an equivalent design which we sell as a kit. All the required components are included in the kit, except the mini-DIN cable (which connects to the console) and an enclosure which you will have to provide. You must also know how to solder.

We may make a ready-to-use version in the future. If you are interested, please contact us to let us know.

The kit includes a component list, schematic and wiring table. Additional information is also available on raphnet.net.


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DescriptionMSX Controller to PCEngine adapter circuit kit (XHE-3 equivalent)

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Assembly information (v2 PCB)ADAP-XHE-3C-KIT_customer_bom-r2.pdf
Assembly information (v1 PCB)ADAP-XHE-3C-KIT_customer_bom.pdf