Megadrive/SMS/Atari controller to USB adapter (v2)

An adapter for connecting Genesis/Megadrive (3/6 button), SMS and Atari-style controllers to an USB port

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This adapter lets you use Megadrive, SMS or Atari-style controllers on your PC. The multitap is also supported, enabling simultaneous use of up to 4 megadrive controllers. This adapter is built using advXarch technology for low latency.

  • Supported controllers:
    • 6 button megadrive controllers
    • 3 button megadrive controllers
    • Sega master system controllers
    • Atari-style joysticks
    • Megadrive multi-taps
    • Megadrive mouse (megamouse)
  • Very low latency
  • Up to 4 Megadrive controllers can be used simultaneously with a multi-tap
  • Works under Linux, Mac OS X and Windows
  • Updateable firmware
  • Each adapter has its own serial number
  • USB cable included
Management tool: (more info)
  • Easy to use user interface able to manage several adapters.
  • Adapter firmware version display
  • Firmware update function
  • Displays the type of controller detected
  • Adapter configuration:
    • Configure D-Pad as axes or buttons
    • 1, 2, 3 and 4-player modes
Total Latency information: (more info)
  • Default setting: 6ms
  • Minimum settings: 2ms
  • None! Uses standard drivers included with supported operating systems.
  • Multitap not included. Without a multitap, only one controller can be connected.


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DescriptionDB9 (Atari/SMS/Megadrive) controller to USB adapter (Version 2)

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Compatibility list

IMPORTANT: This is not a complete list. If something does not appear here, it simply means that we did not get the chance (or the idea) to test it, or that no one let us know that it works.

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Tested Controllers

Show list...
ModelTested bySupportedComments
3-button controller (Sega 1650)raphnet.Yes
6-button controller (Sega MK-1470)raphnet.Yes
6-button controller (Sega MK-1653)raphnet.Yes
6-button controller (Sega SJ-6000)UserYes
Fighter Stick SG-6 (Asciiware model 5720)raphnet.Yes
Megamouse (Sega MK-1645)raphnet.Yes
SMS controller (Sega model 3020)raphnet.Yes
SMS Paddle Control (HPD-200)raphnet.Yes
Wico command controlraphnet.Yes
Atari 2600 joystickraphnet.Yes
Competition Pro (SL-6602-SER)raphnet.Yes
Atari CX40 joystickUserYes
8BitDo M30 controllerUserPartialThe extra button (menu) is not supported.
Atari paddle controllerUserNoWill never be supported by this product.
SMS Phaser (light gun)UserNoWill never be supported by this product.

Supported multitaps

Show list...
ModelTested bySupportedComments
Multitap (Sega MK-1657)raphnet.Yes
Multitap (Sega MK-1654)raphnet.Yes
Multitap (Performance P-450)raphnet.PartialThis multitap does not work with 6-button controllers


Q: What is the latency when using a multitap?
A: Reading the state of 4 controllers through a multitap takes less than 1ms, so it makes no difference. It is as low as when reading a single controller. (That is, unless the multitap itself adds latency, but we don't know if it does...)

Q: Can I use a Megadrive multitap to connect more than 1 SMS or Atari controller?
A: No, unfortunately the Megadrive multitap only supports megadrive controllers. To use more than 1 Atari or SMS controller, you will need one adapter per controller.

Q: Can I connect 4 adapters to concurrently use 4 Atari joysticks?
A: Yes! This has been reported to work fine with Atari800Win Plus 4.1.

Q: Does this adapter work with the C64 mini?
A: No, unfortunately it does not.

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