SNES Controller to PSX adapter

An adapter for using SNES controllers on a PSX console

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With this adapter, you can use SNES controllers (and compatible devices) on a PSX console. Ideal if you own special SNES controllers that you would like to use on your PSX or if you simply prefer SNES controllers. Playing games with a controller that was not intended to be used is interesting too!

  • Supports standard SNES controllers (and compatible 3rd party controllers)
  • Emulates a standard Digital PSX gamepad. Make sure your target games does not require an analog PSX gamepad.
  • Seven different button mappings to choose from.

Note: Cable color and length may differ.


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DescriptionSNES controller to PSX adapter

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Instructions sheet (English)snes2psx_en.pdf
Instructions sheet (French)snes2psx_fr.pdf
Instructions sheet (Japanese)snes2psx_ja.pdf