Reprogrammable 4 Megabit cartridge circuit for Game Gear

For making dedicated cartridge versions of your homebrew games!

  •  This circuit
  •  Fits inside standard cartridge shells (not included)
  •  Programming (programmer and adapter not included)
  •  Example use (homebrew game)
  •  Example use (homebrew game)


This is reprogrammable Game Gear cartridge circuit, perfect for easily making physical versions of your homebrew games! Can be installed in standard Game Gear cartridge shells.

  • Re-writeable 4Megabit (512 kB) flash chip
  • Compatible with systems from all regions
  • Partial Sega-style mapper (slot 2 only)[1]
  • Fits in standard game cartridge shells
  • Tested and pre-programmed with the homebrew game DONKEY.GG
    (for demonstration purposes)

This design has no battery-backed RAM on-board, but with the right programming techniques, scores and progress can be saved directly on flash. The pre-programmed game, DONKEY.GG, does that!

[1] We can develop a custom mapper if necessary for your game or project.


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DescriptionReprogrammable 4 Megabit GG cartridge circuit
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For making dedicated cartridge versions of your homebrew games!


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