Gamecube controller to N64 passthrough (limited compatibility)

A simple passthrough (no intelligence and no protocol translation) cable to connect a Gamecube controller to a N64 console. For specific homebrew titles or modified games only. Not compatible with commercial games.

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N64 and Gamecube controllers communicate with the console using different messages, the underlying serial transmission is compatible. This means that a N64 game can be programmed to detect and communicate with a Gamecube controller directly if one is connected through a simple adapter.

Warning: This adapter does not work with commercial/official games, and is not supported by most homebrew games. Consult the Compatibility list at the bottom of this page for more information.

Do not buy this unless you are a N64 homebrew developer looking to add native Gamecube controller support to your game, or have come across a new homebrew game or ROM hack which specifically states it supports adapters like this one.

To play "normal" N64 games using a Gamecube controller, please consider our Gamecube controller to N64 adapter (v3).

Of course none of the original official N64 games supports this adapter (Gamecube was a console from the future back then), but for homebrew, this is a possibility and has two major advantages:
  • Zero lag, as the game is communicating directly with the Gamecube controller. There is nothing in between doing protocol conversion.
  • The game can take advantage of additional inputs only available on Gamecube controllers, such as analog triggers, the analog C-stick and the X and Y buttons.
The adapter offered here is ready to use and tested, but one can be built easily. Here is the wiring table we use:
Gamecube controllerN64 controller
5vNot connected

The N64 ports have only 3 pins. +3.3v, GND and Data. As there is no 5v output, the Gamecube controller does not receive 5v. This is why rumble does not work with the current version of the cable.

There may also be some third party controllers that won't work at all without 5v. Should this be the case, they will be listed under the Tested Controllers section below.

Depending on how much demand there is, we may make a version of this cable with an USB port for 5v input for rumble support and greater compatibility.

For game compatiblity info, please look at the Games/tools supporting this adapter section below and let us know if anything is missing!


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DescriptionGamecube controller to N64 passthrough (no rumble - limited compatibility)

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Compatibility list

IMPORTANT: This is not a complete list. If something does not appear here, it simply means that we did not get the chance (or the idea) to test it, or that no one let us know that it works.

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Tested Controllers

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ModelTested bySupportedComments
Gamecube DOL-003 (standard)raphnet.Yes
Gamecube DOL-003 (white, extra long cable)raphnet.Yes
Gamecube DOL-003 (super smash Bros. edition)raphnet.Yes

Games/tools supporting this adapter

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Game/softwareTested bySupportedComments
Libdragon (open-source N64 SDK) seems to have some code for Gamecube controllersUserYes
Controller test ROM by Wiseguyraphnet.Yes
Fork of libultra, example project:
Alternative joybus library for libdragon:
SM64 romhack Mario's Vacation Course UserYesSince version 1.7

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