N64 adapter manager ROM

N64 Rom for updating our Gamecube, SNES and Classic controller to N64 adapters.

  •  List adapters
  •  Adapter info
  •  Firmware selection
  •  Firmare update
  •  Controller test
  •  Use with Everdrive64


This is a N64 ROM for updating our Gamecube, SNES and Classic controller to N64 adapters. You simply copy the file to your flash cart, connect your adapters and run the ROM to see which firmware versions your adapters are running and perform updates if needed.

When a new firmware becomes available for one of the supported products, a new version of the ROM is released. Always use the latest version.

  • Supports our Gamecube, SNES and Classic Controller to N64 adapters.
  • Display firmware version
  • Update or downgrade adapter firmwares
  • Built-in controller test
  • Compatible with Everdrive 64

Download(s) & Link(s)

Version: 1.5.1 - Latest

December 8, 2020
gc2n64_manager-1.5.1.v64 (2 MB)
  • New GC to N64 adapter firmware version 2.3: Invert axis feature, toggle mempak and C-stick auto-calibration (fixes drifting).
  • New Classic to N64 adapter firmware version 2.1.0: Fix a joystick value overflow (Corrects a problem with some controllers, such as Wired Fight Pads, where pointing the stick all the way down did the same as pointing it up)
  • Update logo and color theme.

Show previous releases...

Version: 1.4

June 12, 2019
gc2n64_manager-1.4.v64 (2 MB)
  • Replace buggy SNES to N64 firmware version 1.4 by version 1.5

Version: 1.3

February 5, 2019
gc2n64_manager-1.3.v64 (2 MB)
  • First version to support adapters other than the Gamecube to N64 adapter.
  • Gamecube to N64 firmwares: 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2
  • SNES to N64 firmwares: 1.1, 1.3 and 1.4
  • Classic to N64 firmware: 0.9.1

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