Virtualboy controller to USB conversion circuit (v2)

This circuit makes a VirtualBoy controller work as a standard USB game controller.

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  •  Example use (mounted on back)
  •  Example use (mounted on back)
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  •  Example use (inline project box - not included)
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This circuit makes it possible to use a Virtual Boy controller on a computer with an USB port. The circuit is small and can be used in many ways. For instance:
  • You can install it on the back of the controller, where the battery box normally goes.
  • If you have a battery box, you can probably fit the board inside.
  • You can cut the controller cable, wire it to the board, and then put the board in a small project box.
  • If you happen to have a suitable controller port from a broken Virtual Boy, you can build a standalone adapter.
  • If you cut some plastic, the board can probably be installed inside the controller!

  • Supports original Virtual Boy controllers.
  • No drivers required. Implements a standard USB HID device.
  • Works under Linux, MacOS X and Windows 10 (32/64 bit).
  • Low latency - Maximum polling frequency of 1000 Hz. (1ms intervals)
  • Updateable firmware
  • Supported by the raphnet adapter manager.
Wiring notes: Some Virtual Boy controllers have a blue wire instead of green. The red wire is not used. If you notice any other differences, please contact us before continuing.
advXarch This adapter circuit is built using advXarch technology.


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DescriptionVirtualboy controller to USB conversion circuit (v2)

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