Afterschool Adventurers Club (In development)

A 8-bit roguelite game for SMS, also available for PC and iOS.

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Oh no! An evil Game Master has taken over the school's tabletop role playing club and is terrorizing its members with twisted dungeons and strict rulings!

As the new kid in town, do you have what it takes to stop the tyran and bring peace back to the Afterschool Adventurers Club?


The Afterschool Adventurers Club is a rogue-lite dungeon-crawler game set in the 80's, where players alternate between their High-School tabletop roleplaying club and their Game Master's campaigns.

Explore the school, talk to students and staff members, or head over to the shop and get your hands on the newest roleplaying items in the real world.

Then jump back into the campaign world! Delve into perilous dungeons, fight monsters, defeat formidable bosses, and visit the town's facilities to prepare yourself for the Evil Game Master's next challenge!


  • Randomly generated dungeons for endless replayability
  • Multiple classes to fit your style of play
  • Upgradeable weapons and spells to better conquer your foes
  • Various rulesets and roleplaying items to tailor the campaign to your liking
  • Achievement system to reward your efforts
  • Built to the Master System specs for an authentic retro feel!
  • Amazing PSG soundtrack!


  • Physical cardridge edition (will be sold right here): SMS cartridge, box. Manual TBD. Includes Steam download key for standalone version.
  • Standalone versions, for Windows, Mac and Linux. Will be available on Steam and itch.
  • Mobile edition(s). At the moment, only planned for iOS.
This game is still in development and its release is planned for December 2023. Game content, features and pricing are subject to change.


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DescriptionSMS game cartridge: Afterschool Adventurers Club

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