A Master System game inspired by DONKEY.BAS

  •  The game cartridge
  •  The game cartridge
  •  The game cartridge (back)
  •  Title screen
  •  Play with the original colors and in four new themes!
  •  3 game modes, two to unlock!
  •  Also works on Japanese SMS consoles (with an adapter)
  •  Also works on Megadrive consoles (with an adapter)
  •  Also support paddles!


This is a homebrew game for Master System consoles inspired by the game DONKEY.BAS that shipped with MS-DOS in 1981!

This game was remade a few times for various platforms (DONKEY.NET, DONKEY.APP...) and languages (DonkeyPy), but never for Master System! [citation needed]

DONKEY.SMS is more fun and more challenging than the original, not to mention more colourful! Difficulty (speed) progressively increases, best scores are saved, and there are two new game modes to unlock!

DONKEY.SMS plays very well using a gamepad, but a paddle is the controller of choice.

  • US/EU style cartridge (50 pin)
  • Compatible with NTSC and PAL systems. (In theory. Only tested on NTSC so far...)
  • Also works on Japanese SMS consoles using an adapter
  • Compatible with the power base converter (or equivalents)
  • Supports gamepads and paddle controllers
  • Memory type: Flash
  • Save RAM: None. Scores and unlocked modes are stored in Flash. No battery!

Built using our 4Megabit reprogrammable cartridge PCB. If you ever tire out of it, you can use our cartridge programmer (coming soon) to erase it and program another game!
The game is sold as "cartridge only", without box nor manual. There is no sticker on the back of the cartridge, and there is a small slot on the top which serves absolutely no purpose (see pictures).

For more information about this homebrew SMS game, visit the project page:


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DescriptionGame cartridge for Master System: DONKEY.SMS

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Download(s) & Link(s)

Version: 1.2 - Latest

February 12, 2021
donkey-1.2.sms (64 KB)
Compatibility fix for Megadrive controllers

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Version: 1.1

February 10, 2021
donkey-1.1.sms (64 KB)
  • Stop giving out new lives every 4 levels (too easy)
  • Give one life each time level 16 gets completed.

Version: 1.0

January 28, 2021
donkey-1.0.sms (64 KB)
First release

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