Extreme Volleyball Infernal League

A volleyball fighting game for Master System.

  •  Physical edition
  •  Title screen
  •  Baller select
  •  Tournament
  •  Rogue mode
  •  Treasures
  •  School court
  •  Water level
  •  Rooftop level
  •  Dungeon level
  •  Spiked room
  •  Console internals court
  •  Running on the Steam Deck
  •  Running on an SMS 2 console
  •  Achievements
  •  Running on an SMS 2 console
  •  Running on an SMS 2 console
  •  Label option 1 (standard)
  •  Label option 2 (purple clouds)
  •  Game logo


Every millennium the great demon king Azmodean opens a rift to the mortal realm to overtake it. The only way to save the world is by climbing the ranks of his Extreme Volleyball Infernal League! Are you game enough?

Rules: The demon imposes rules somewhat different from standard volleyball. In this league, players have 5 HP of life. When the ball touches the ground, the player on that side of the net looses life, so be careful not to miss the ball! Items are also spawned during the game to help conquer your oponent. After each round, you get bonus points for your remaining life (1000 per HP) and if your life gauge is still full, a perfect +10000 bonus.

Game features

  • 7 playable characters
  • 8 courts (some with hazards!)
  • Achievement system, High scores table and Treasures to unlock!
  • Bonus rounds
  • Authentic 8-bit graphics and sound!
  • Single player tournament mode against the AI, and 2-player (Human vs. Human) matches
  • Rogueball mode - Make your way across floors, raise your stats, unlock treasures... How long can you survive?


Physical cartridge version

This version is sold right here, scroll-down for ordering options. The current offering consists of the following items:
  • SMS cartridge + Box + Manual + Steam Key

Steam version

For playing on your PC or Steam Deck, this is an excellent choice! The PC version is a faithful port of the original SMS game, recompiled to run natively on modern hardware and with Steam integration for achievements, high scores and controller support.

The .SMS ROM file is also included, for use with emulators or an SMS flash cartridge.

Standalone PC version

The .SMS ROM and standalone (no steam integration and DRM-free) PC versions for Windows and Linux are also available from itch.io.


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DescriptionExtreme Volleyball Infernal League (SMS cartridge + box + manual) - Standard Label
product picture
DescriptionExtreme Volleyball Infernal League (SMS cartridge + box + manual) - Purple label
product picture

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Q: What kind of instruction manual is supplied?
A: A simple A6-sized manual, 16 pages, full color is included. English only.

Q: Why is there a slot on the top of the cartridge?
A: Because the cartridge shell stock we have at the moment were originally designed for everdrive type cartridges. The slot serves no purpose.

Q: Could you please use a cartridge shell without the slot on top?
A: Not at the moment, but we are actively looking for a solution. If you would like to use your own cartridge shell (without the slot) we can provide the labels separately. (We will still provide a cartridge, but we will not apply the stickers to it. Stickers will be loose inside the box)

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